We have had a great week this week! This is some of us putting the right amount of Pom Pom decorations  onto our tree that matched the correct amount on the dice. We are trying hard to remember when to stop counting to reach the total!

We have been very interested in looking for things outside. Some of us decided that to help us we should make binoculars! We decorated them and added accessories such as a handle to make them our own. We then had great fun travelling around the playground talking about what we could see.

This week we have been reading the story of Little Robin Red Vest. We worked together as a team to sequence the story by putting the pictures in the correct order. We then thought of a sentence we could write underneath. Some of us made our own marks to represent our ideas.

In our story robin travels around town. We began think about things you might see. Some of us worked together in the sand to make our own town. We used sand, blocks and recycled materials to make a shop and the park. We especially liked making our own houses, remembering to include a door and window.

Some of us have had great fun practicing for our nativity. We have been listening to instructions to know what to do. We have been having great fun joining in with singing our songs and making actions to go along with the words. We are very excited to put on our show for everyone next week on Wednesday!!