Weekly Timetable for Team N

Whilst school is closed it is really important that you put a routine in place. This will help both you and your children. Making a daily plan for the day will give everyone an idea of what they are going to do.

Updates and new learning tasks will be uploaded to the class blogs and emailed out to parents.

If you have lost the paper copies of any home learning please email me at: george.style@langfordprimary.org.uk

Remember to upload a photo, video or comment on Tapestry of your child’s maths, reading, writing and imaginative activity each week. You can find out how to do this here.


Team N Suggested Daily Timetable

We are suggesting children complete 20-30 minutes of maths and 20-30 minutes of English each day, as well as completing a chosen task from the list below in the afternoon. This could involve you doing an activity together for 10 minutes and then your child playing some maths or reading games on their own.




Children can work their way through the learning pack/sheets sent home.

As well as this, children should practise the key skills we have been learning at school through this website www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting  and watch Number blocks www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/numberblocks

Skills to practise:

  • Counting to 10 forwards and backwards, singing number songs and using fingers to count.
  • Counting objects and writing/matching to a numeral.
  • Saying one more than a number using objects to help you.
  • Recognising shapes and patterns around your house or outside.

Reading – Read daily with your child. Asking them questions:

Who is in the story? Where is it set? Which part is your favourite and why?

Pick some simple words and ask them about the initial sounds. What can they hear?


Practice writing your first name every day.

Each week we will blog a link to a story book. Please do the following five activities for each day of the week.

Monday Read/listen to the story and identify any words you don’t know. Talk about what they mean and make an action for them.
Tuesday Read/listen to the story and talk about who the characters are and where the story is set. What happens in the beginning, middle and end?

Questions you could ask: Who are the characters? How do they feel? Where is the story set? What happens in the beginning/middle/end? Which is your favourite part?

Wednesday Read/listen to the story and make puppets of or use toys to represent the main characters. What do the characters look like? Eg. Shiny scales, big black hat.

Make sure you have a setting too! (this could be your bed, a box, under a table etc)

Thursday Read/listen to the story and then retell the story to your toys or your family using the puppets or toys you made yesterday.
Friday Read/listen to the story and draw your favourite parts of the story in order to make a ‘book’.


Complete 15 minutes of physical activity. This could be jogging, aerobics or dancing.

(Just Dance and Zen Den on Youtube and apps such as GoNoodle can be accessed for free).

REMEMBER it is important to stay active, particularly when you are indoors a lot.



Choose from:

Reading – personal or library book.

Oxford Owl e-books: has reading books on-line with related activities to play on your tablet or computer. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/oxford-owl-ebook-collection

Dairy entry: Draw a picture everyday about something that you enjoyed. Eg. Today I made a cheese sandwich.

Letter writing: writing letters to your neighbours or friends from school.

Revise knowledge organisers/Pop Quiz (available on the class blog)

Drawing/Painting/Crafting: Can you make props for you to play with, draw a picture of what you can see outside. Sketches of flowers, leaf rubbings are fun to do if you can get outside.

Music: Can you make up a dance routine or new dance or song to teach to your family?

Cooking: Can you help make lunch with your family? Set the table with plates and cutlery etc.

Role Play: Can you retell your favourite story with your toys? Can you role play being a person who helps us with your toys (policeman, firefighter, teacher, nurse, doctor)?