Team Nursery,

We have had quite the week filled with lots of pirate fun! I’ll showcase some of our amazing learning below but here is your link for this week’s home learning: you can now find it on the school website here.

Our week:

You have all been superstars this week! I have loved seeing all of your learning! You are so creative and I am so proud of all that I have seen uploaded to Tapestry.

We have channeled our inner pirates this week, creating some wonderfully decorated telescopes:

We have created wonderful (or terrifying…) pirates and pirate ships:

Some of which were tested!

We have done some science:


We have been creative with our art and storytelling:


We’ve got stuck into some maths:


And, we have even made some pizza! Yum!


Team Nursery, you are FANTASTIC!


Please do not hesitate to reach out on email ( with any questions  or concerns and I’ll be checking Tapestry to see all of your fun learning.
Grace and peace,

George Style