Team Nursery! It’s a little bittersweet to think that there’s only one more week until the summer! We’ve all been working hard and need a rest but you all are keeping focused and doing LOADS of amazing learning: very proud teacher right here! Congratulations to Olivia, our Star of the Week! Let’s have a look… Read More

Team Nursery! We’ve had a lovely week so far with lots of indoor and outdoor learning! This week, I am encouraging you to listen to some classical music. Alex Caldon (on trumpet) and Alexandra Caldon (on violin) will deliver an exclusive set from their home as part of the Royal Albert Home┬ásessions. This stream is… Read More

Team Nursery! It has been yet another fantastic week for our team! I am so pround of how you are all developing such a love of learning! A massive well done to the children who have been in class and everyone else who has been completing the learning on the daily Sways. I love our… Read More

Team Nursery! Gratitude paper chains This week we are going to be thinking about gratitude and being grateful. Gratitude is a very simple and effective mindful activity. It directs children to focus on what they are thankful for. By making a paper chain of gratitude, you will have the opportunity to either be creative together… Read More