We have been inspired by… Read More

We held our Langford  tea party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Unfortunately, Prince Harry was too busy to visit but we are sure he would have loved our cucumber sandwiches and red, white and blue fairy cakes!    … Read More

We have loved investigating some of the places close to us – especially finding Gambado and Pineapple Park on Google maps. We have also been excited by famous London landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the River Thames. We mixed blue and white to paint our own rivers and in our outdoor classroom, we… Read More

Team Nursery have loved our ‘Superheroes’ topic and used their imagination to think  about which superpower they would like to have.  They have designed and constructed buildings where superheroes might live and also created their own emblems to wear.… Read More

Team Nursery have been enjoying their learning in maths. We have been ordering numbers, smallest to largest, investigating shapes and practising writing our numbers too. We have also been using maths all around the classroom – in the home corner to find out which tins are heaviest and also to measure our ingredients to make… Read More

We’ve had another busy week full of learning. We have been making up our own sea adventure stories, baking cakes and finding the letters and sounds in our names. Next week, we will be continuing our pirate theme with more stories, songs and creative fun!… Read More

This week, we have enjoyed reading two stories in particular – The Rainbow Fish and Sharing a Shell. They have helped us to think about all the wonderful things we share every day in Team Nursery and why it is good to share. We have also been practising creating our own Rainbow Fish out of… Read More

The children have returned to school full of enthusiasm for our new topic, ‘Adventures and the Sea’. We have been using playdough, sand and water to explore sea creatures and we have enjoyed re-telling the story of The Rainbow Fish.  … Read More

Last week, Team Nursery’s behaviour was so wonderful,  we were given time on the large climbing frame as our reward. The children proved to be brilliant at climbing, balancing and sharing the space. We enjoy many other things in our lovely outdoor classroom too  –  singing, dancing, cooking in the mud kitchen and writing!  … Read More

Team Nursery enjoyed a wonderful visit to Fulham firestation  last week. The firefighters showed us around and even let us explore the inside of their fire engine and try on their hats! We practised our aim with the water hose and returned to school inspired to draw and make our own fire engines.  … Read More