This term, Team Nursery have been learning about People Who Help Us. On Monday, we came to school and found a crime scene in our classroom! Oh No! Some of our toys had been stolen! We had to call the police on 999 to help us find out what had happened and look for clues.… Read More

  Whilst you’re staying at home this week, spread some joy in our community by sharing a rainbow in your windows for others to see. You can write inspirational messages on them for people walking by or others staying indoors to read and spread some happiness. Send photos of your creations to… Read More

Weekly Timetable for Team N Whilst school is closed it is really important that you put a routine in place. This will help both you and your children. Making a daily plan for the day will give everyone an idea of what they are going to do. Updates and new learning tasks will be uploaded… Read More