Team Nursery! What a fantastic week! You all have been so busy… and so creative! I have loved seeing all the fun things that you have got up to and I am going to showcase some of it later! I am so proud! Next week’s learning is up on our website here. Remember to read the Well-being Calendar… Read More

Team Nursery! I hope you all are having a lovely week. I have loved seeing a wonderful mixture of hungry caterpillars and materials… I hope the caterpillars don’t get confused and think that your materials you’ve collected for science are there to be eaten! It is lovely to see all that you are up to… Read More

Dear Team Nursery, You have had a wonderfully green week full of lots of vegetable exploration;  I am excited to celebrate some of this brilliant learning below. I hope you are all well and are finding joy in these times. I am thankful that I can see all of the imagination-releasing fun that you have… Read More

Happy Wednesday Team Nursery, Tapestry has been full of all things vegetable so far this week! I am really looking forward to sharing all of your amazing learning on Friday! If you haven’t yet, do upload some pictures to Tapestry so I can share what you have been up to with all of your friends!… Read More

Team Nursery, We have had quite the week filled with lots of pirate fun! I’ll showcase some of our amazing learning below but here is your link for this week’s home learning: you can now find it on the school website here. Our week: You have all been superstars this week! I have loved seeing… Read More

Team Nursery! I’ve loved seeing all the pirate-themed pursuits that you all have been uploading to Tapestry. Thank you! My telescope has been searching for a return to the sunny weather but alas no sign just yet! Here are a couple of things to be checking out this week:   The Tate Art School Let’s… Read More

Team Nursery, I hope you have all had a lovely week and managed to get a little bit of sunshine. I  have loved seeing all of your learning this week! It always makes me smile whenever I hear from you and I have been so proud of the excellent learning I have been seeing posted… Read More

Team Nursery, You have all jumped straight back into learning! Some amazing bits and pieces have been put on Tapestry; I can’t wait to share some of your fun on Friday! I’ve two things to share with you today: 1) I’m sure many of you may have been following the amazing story of Captain Tom… Read More

Team Nursery! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have been keeping safe and well! I am so excited for more action packed weeks of home learning. I really am super impressed by all of the amazing learning that you have all got up to. Special shout-out to those who created an Easter… Read More

Thank you Langford for taking the time to celebrate Easter with us. Here is a quick look at some of your egg-cellent masterpieces. Winners will be announced on Friday. Hoppy Easter!… Read More