This week we have introduced the story ‘Alien’s love Underpants’! Team Reception has been very excited finding out all about the cheeky aliens who steal pants out of people’s gardens. We have been writing in role as the aliens, coming up with fantastic sentences, writing stories and describing what the aliens look like. We have… Read More

We have had another exciting, intergalactic week in Team Reception! We have loved seeing the children so engaged in our space topic and we are excited to see this continued in to next week. As you know, last week we were reading the story, The man on the Moon (A day in the life of… Read More

We have had a brilliant week settling back in after our Easter break. We have started our new topic all about space! A rocket ship has landed in our classroom, and the children have been busy dressing up as astronauts, making outer space passports and writing stories about where the alien slime has come from.… Read More

We have had some exciting updates with our caterpillars! As you may have heard our caterpillars have turned into Chrysalis’! We have been making sure they are safe as they get ready to come out as beautiful butterflies. We have been learning about the story of ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’, we have been writing about our favourite… Read More

We have had a wonderful week in Team Reception continuing our learning all about growing. The children have loved watching the caterpillars change and they think they are ready to make their cocoons now! We have created story maps for ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and been learning about 3D shapes and repeating patterns. We also… Read More

We have had another wonderful week in Team Reception. We have been busy recording our Nativity performance, decorating our door all whilst continuing our fantastic learning in the classroom! The children have worked so hard and we are excited to share our video with you next week. In Maths we have been learning about 1… Read More

We have had another great week in Team Reception, this week we have begun celebrating Christmas. We have been busy practicing singing our songs in preparation for the festive performance. The children have quickly learnt some actions and the lines which I am sure you will be hearing at home for a while! We have… Read More

We have had another exciting week in Team Reception with our topic of ‘Superheroes’ continuing. We have read a different story during our English lessons called ‘Eliot, Midnight Superhero’. The children have loved reading this and have learnt lots of new words from the book.   We have been investigating shapes in maths and have… Read More

Over the past two weeks, Team Reception have been reading the story Supertato! They have enjoyed learning the story, using puppets to retell it and also pretending to be the characters with superhero dressing up clothes. We have been writing all about the Evil Pea and the crimes he has committed as well as drawing… Read More

We have had a fantastic week in Team Reception! It started with the children finding a skeleton in the role play area in our classroom. We then read the story ‘Funnybones’ in our Literacy lesson. The children have enjoyed learning about the characters in the story, using masks to pretend to be the skeletons and… Read More