After reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and talking about  the main character, the children decided that they wanted to open a hair salon. We called it ‘Little Red’s Salon.’ Take a look at some of our pictures from today and if you have any empty shampoo bottles, please give them to Mr… Read More

The children have been creating lots of stories this week- especially in our construction area. We have been encouraging children to develop narratives for their play. We have had stories about dinosaur castles, mini- beast dens and much more. Below are some of the pictures we’ve taken this week which will be made into books… Read More

The children in Team Reception have been learning how to estimate this week.  We have talked about how an estimate is a ‘good guess’. They started by asking a friend to close their eyes while they picked a group of objects. Then they asked their friend to estimate and write down how many objects they… Read More