This week in Team Reception we have been learning the importance of being kind and  helping  people. Although the children in Team R might not fly like superheroes, we learned that we can make a  difference in the world. To understand this even better we have been reading ´Max.´ A story of a small superhero… Read More

Team Reception had a fantastic week! This week our focus story has been ‘ Eliot Midnight Superhero’. The children loved the main character and his story. We did lots of discussion around it, we learned new vocabulary and did lots of writing across the week. Team R was really excited because they have started writing… Read More

We have started a new topic in Team Reception. In our first week back all the children had become superheroes! We enjoyed reading ‘Supertato’, it was such a fun story.  We discussed new vocabulary such as villain, hero, rescue etc. The children enjoyed writing a wanted poster for the ‘Evil Pea’, the villain in the… Read More