Team Reception had a fantastic week!

This week our focus story has been ‘ Eliot Midnight Superhero’. The children loved the main character and his story. We did lots of discussion around it, we learned new vocabulary and did lots of writing across the week. Team R was really excited because they have started writing in their new English books! They tried really hard at thinking and writing their own sentence. They  included capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

In Maths we carried on with measuring and made our ‘What Makes Good’ measuring. The children were really good at discussing and reasoning what we must do when measuring.  We put this into practice and measured lots of different things across the week. We used cubes, blocks and had a go at using the measuring tape to find out  the height and length of different objects. The children recorded their answers and counted to check they were right.

In art  the children had fun at making their own superhero masks and  they used them later on in the role-play area! In addition, on Wednesday a superhero cave appeared in Team Reception! The children loved hiding in there and using the torch. They explored light and shadows and also enjoyed reading stories together.

What a ‘super’ week we have  had!