In Team Reception we have had an awesome week!

This week´s story has been, ‘The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man’ and the children in Team Reception have realised that they are as special and awesome as our superhero in the story. We have done a fantastic job during our English sessions and the children wrote lovely sentences using the word ‘and’ to describe themselves as superheroes.

But not only this, on Thursday Team R had a drama workshop where they all became superheroes and lived an exciting adventure! One girl at the end of the workshop said,  ‘I´ve never felt like this before, I feel new’. They released  their imagination and travelled through a new Galaxy and saw the Moon, Venus and a million stars!

This week in Maths we have been using prepositional language. To practice this, we went on a bear hunt in the outdoor area! We also enjoyed singing songs and playing games such as ‘where is the monkey’ and ‘Simon says’.

In art the children created their own shields that they used in the role-play area! They chose the logo they liked the best and their favourite colours.

It has been a really cold week so we had the opportunity to explore the ice and the process of melting. The children loved finding ice in the outdoor area and using their observation skills to spot different patterns within the ice! ‘It is so cold!!’ they all said. We realised that the ice is transparent and we can see through it and also that it turns into water when we touch it because our hands are too warm!

Well done Team Reception!