The children  in Team R went on a trip to Hyde Park on Wednesday. We had  such a lovely time learning all about growing. They children did really good listening and  people on the train was really impressed with their behaviour. When we arrived at ‘The LookOut’, the guides explained to us some safety rules and… Read More

Team R had a wonderful week! Our learning was based on the ‘Oliver´s Vegetables’ story. The children really enjoyed learning the names of different vegetables and talking about their favourite ones: rhubarb, cabbage, spinach, carrots, peas, potatoes…  On our Art table  the children  had fun at experimenting with vegetable printing! They used different vegetables to… Read More

This week Team Reception have been learning all about planting. To start off on Monday we read ‘Jasper´s Beanstalk’ and discussed all the things Jasper had to do before planting in order to prepare the soil and whilst planting.  Linked to this idea, in our Literacy lessons we have been learning about instructions.  We know… Read More

This week as part of World Book Day we did lots of different activities to celebrate how much we love books and reading. One of this activities was a drama workshop based on our focus story ´The Very Hungry Caterpillar´. The children really enjoyed pretending they were a big fat caterpillar after they had eaten… Read More

What a great start to the term we´ve had! The children in Team Reception have had a wonderful week learning all about our new topic. They did a really good job at creating the timeline of their lives and this helped us to understand our new topic a little bit better. Some children were really… Read More