Next week we will be having a bake sale in order to raise money for our trip to The Tower of London. In order to buy ingredients to bake a cake Team R went on a trip to our local Sainsbury´s. They were really good at crossing the road and also showed lovely manners once… Read More

We have had a lovely week of learning in Team Reception.   The children have really enjoyed making their own picture to celebrate Remembrance Day. They enjoyed talking about why are poppies important and used different materials to create their own piece of art.   In Literacy this week we have been learning all about… Read More

In Team R this week we have celebrated the 5th of November by using sparklers in the outdoor area alongside Team N. What a lovely experience it was! The children listened very carefully to the safety instructions and then had a go themselves at doing sparklers. They really enjoyed it and it was so nice… Read More

This week we  focused on castles and talked about the similarities between a castles and our home. We started by sharing why is it important to have a home. The children had really great ideas. These are some of the thing they said: ´Because we need a place to sleep’, ‘Because if it is really… Read More