Hi Team Reception! I hope you are keeping well at home! Today looks a little bit grey, but I’m sure the sun will be back with us soon!   The Tate Art School Let’s get creative with time away from screens at The Tate Art School. The site has been designed in consultation with local… Read More

Hello Team Reception! I hope you are all staying safe and well at home this week. The learning for the week beginning the 27th April is now here. We are using the book ‘The Night Pirates’ for our learning this week, you can watch a great reading of the book here. Shout Outs for Brilliant… Read More

Hello Team Reception! It’s been great to see so many of you posting photos and videos on Tapestry of your activities and learning so far this week. I’m looking forward to sharing some of these with everyone on Friday!   I’m sure many of you may have been following the amazing story of Captain Tom… Read More

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday with your families and have been keeping safe and well. Here are some shout-outs of what you have been up to over the holiday – it’s been so nice to see what activities you have been up to as well as keeping going with some of… Read More

Thank you Langford for taking the time to celebrate Easter with us. Here is a quick look at some of your egg-cellent masterpieces. Winners will be announced on Friday. Hoppy Easter!… Read More

All of the butterflies have now emerged from their chrysalis and Miss O’Flanagan and her family have let them fly away in Pineapple Park over the weekend. Keep an eye out for any red Painted Lady butterflies whilst you go on your daily walk outside!… Read More

The caterpillars have been working hard inside their chrysalids and have been emerging from them as butterflies this week. In these videos you can see one newly emerged butterfly climbing next to a chrysalis that is moving. That’s because the butterfly inside is nearly ready to emerge! The red stains on the paper are from… Read More

Easter Art Competition 2020 (PDF)   Wellbeing Over the Easter holidays, we wanted to let you know that the Illustrator of The Gruffalo has illustrated a digital book about the Coronavirus for children. You can find out more about the book here. Click on the picture to read the book. Stay safe and healthy, From… Read More

What a great week of learning you have all been doing! I have seen so many posts on Tapestry, I wanted to celebrate some of the great learning activities happening at home. I’ve seen some great writing about ‘The Tiny Seed’, diary writing, caption and sentence reading and writing,  reading your favourite stories,  counting how… Read More

Thank to everyone who has posted pictures, videos and comments about your learning on Tapestry so far this week. It’s been so nice to see you all doing some great learning activities at home! I will celebrate your learning on our Friday blog, so please do keep posting on Tapestry. A reminder on how to… Read More