Team 1 had a fabulous start to the second half of the term when they joined the rest of the school for ‘Learning Muscle Day’. This involved a series of fun and engaging activities where they used each of their different leaning muscles. They gave new things a go, worked as a team and released… Read More

Team 1 joined the rest of the school for a fantastic start to ‘Careers Week.’ They were given a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to hear the wonderful Band of the Coldstream GuardsĀ  play in their school assembly. Not only did they listen to some amazing music, they were also able to ask questions and… Read More

Team 1 had a tasty English lesson this morning. As part of their learning about ‘instructions’, they had to each follow a set of instructions telling them how to make a fruit pizza! They read each step and carried out the instructions together, finally ending up with some delicious tasting fruit pizzas. I am sure… Read More