Team 1 had a fantastic day out at the Royal Mews, which is s one of the finest working stables in the world. They saw how the Royal Family travel when carrying out official duties and some of the historic royal carriages they use. They met some of the royal horses, and even re-enacted the… Read More

Team 1 have been busy getting ready to sell some wonderfully refreshing drinks at the summer fair. We do hope you come and quench your thirst with a delicious drink from ‘Rainbow Drinks’. See you there!… Read More

This week Team 1 were lucky enough to have the school nurse visit them and give them a special talk on dental hygiene. Not only were they show the correct way to keep their teeth and mouths clean, they also learnt how their teeth grow and why they have milk teeth and adult teeth. At… Read More

Team 1 have started to paint their own portraits of the Queen, based on the controversial portrait by British artist Lucian Freud. They have learnt how to draw the correct proportions for a face and have painted the skin tone. Next week we shall start on the Queen’s features!   … Read More

This week Team 1 have continued learning about flowering plants. There was great excitement when they all got their hands dirty whist handling various plants. This they did in order to understand the function of each part of the plant. They also learnt a song about  plants which they sang with great enthusiasm.… Read More