Team 1 are currently learning how to sequence a narrative. As part of this they are learning the story of ‘Here Comes Jack Frost’ by Kazuno Kohara. To help familiarise themselves with the narrative, Team 1 have been acting out scenes from the book. We saw some wonderful acting skills in many of the scenes.… Read More

As part of their topic about the seasons, Team 1 have been learning how weather changes are brought about by different types of wind. They have learnt about the different points on a compass and also what a weather vane is. Today, they even got to see a real weather vane, because luckily enough there… Read More

Team 1 have been working very hard on their acrostic poems, and this week they finally published them. They took great care to use their neatest handwriting and to make sure they had included all the final edits from their first draft. They were all very excited to see them on display in the KS1… Read More