Team 1 are learning about character descriptions in English.  During their computer lesson they used ipads to help them bring familiar characters to life. They learnt how to make the characters talk using the ChatterPix Kids app. They took a photo of their character and then recorded what they thought it would be saying and… Read More

This afternoon Team 1 were given a talk about teeth and how to keep them clean. Ms Schumm , the school nurse, demonstrated how to keep our teeth and mouths healthy. The children learnt how many teeth we have, why they are different shapes and the best way to look after them. They were particularly… Read More

As part of their dinosaur topic, Team 1 have been creating some of their own dinosaurs in art. They have designed, coloured and assembled them, and even created a landscape for their dinosaurs to stand in! As I’m sure you’ll agree, there are some amazing creatures.… Read More

Team 1 have really embraced our new phonics programme. They are now able to spot different ways of spelling the same sound, and are using this knowledge in both their reading and writing. It is wonderful to see them gaining in confidence and the huge improvement that is taking place. Keep it up Team 1!… Read More