Team 2 are coming to end of their English learning journey. Today we finished writing the 1st draft of our amazing newspaper articles about the Great Fire of London. After we finished, we worked in pairs to suggest improvements and share our favourite parts with each other. It was great to see some children using… Read More

Team 2 worked together as a class this morning to suggest ways to improve each others learning. We thought about the impact we were trying to create on our reader and ways in which we could achieve this. Suggestions ranged from missing capital letters for proper nouns to adding a rhetorical question!… Read More

Team 2 became maths detectives again today when investigating multiples of 3. There were lots of great discussions and brilliant mistakes by some children trying to spot a pattern too quickly. It was wonderful to see learning partners working together to explain and reason their findings.… Read More

Team 2 had a great philosophy lesson today using the book, ‘There’s a Bear in My Chair’ as our stimulus. We discussed and debated whether it is our jobs as individuals to tell other people how to behave. There was some very passionate debate amongst some of the children which was so lovely to see!… Read More

In our computing lesson today, we used our knowledge of primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the Great Fire of London. It was great to see that prior knowledge being used to identify different sources and their different uses as ways to learn about the Great Fire.… Read More

This morning Team 2 stood on the stage in the middle hall and performed their poems about the Great Fire of London to Mrs Kidds. They were all so brave and Mrs Kidds was very impressed with their brilliant learning and performance!… Read More

As part of our maths learning journey, we were exploring patterns when finding multiples.¬† Working with their learning partners, the children were trying to find ways to find multiples¬† and continue sequences without having to start from 0 each time.¬† They discovered some brilliant patterns and rules to help us in the next stage of… Read More