Hello Team 2,


What another busy week it has been! As always, I have really enjoyed receiving lots of brilliant learning from you.


Special Shout Outs:

A very well done to Jorgie for her excellent effort with her maths learning! Some of this week’s maths learning was very tricky but you never gave up, well done!

Well done to Mia for trying so hard with her handwriting and spelling. I think the smile shows how proud she is of her great effort! Also to Ahidah for trying so hard with this week’s alien verb challenge!

Another shout out to Andrew who once again has been doing lots of brilliant learning but also releasing his imagination in new and fun ways. This week he wrote a fantastic song about learning!

Also to George for releasing his imagination to create these excellent drawings of his own planet as part of this week’s English learning journey.


Well done for another brilliant week of learning! The links for next week’s learning are now up on the school website. You can also find them by clicking HERE.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Leat