This week Team 3 continued building upon their knowledge of light, with an investigation.  They used torches to help them decide which, of a variety of materials, would make the best sundial. They knew that a sundial has to cast a shadow and found  that opaque objects make the best shadows.      … Read More

Team 3 have been working on multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. They drew place value grids on their white boards, and partitioned the 2 digit number, e.g, 24 is 2 tens and 4 ones. They used place value counters to represent this number in each row. The rows represent the… Read More

Team 3 have started to prepare for their sharing assembly on Tuesday 4th February 2020. They worked together in groups to help write the script, each contributing some ideas to help the assembly take shape.  Each child has taken home a copy of his or her lines. Please help your child learn the lines by… Read More

The start of Spring term means the Team 3 children have started their art lessons! They were all really excited to take part in a weaving lesson. They had to concentrate, and use lots of hand/eye co ordination, and fine motor skills, to carefully weave and thread.  It looks great so far!        … Read More

On Wednesday, Team 3 learnt the importance of carefully worded instructions. The children were each given a set of instructions to complete a card trick. Some children found it really tricky! But it wasn’t there fault! They had  been given instructions that weren’t in order,  didn’t have photos, used unfamiliar terminology, and failed to list… Read More

Team 3 were so lucky to get to go to the Tutankhamun exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Soon, all the items on display will return to Egypt forever.  This was such a fantastic conclusion to our Ancient Egypt learning journey, and answered so many questions that the children had. They also each had… Read More

Today, Team 3 finished their rock learning journey. They have each learnt so much, and were really excited to get it all down on paper. It is fantastic to see their journeys, and look at all the progress they’ve made. They know all about the three ways rocks are formed, they have tested rocks to… Read More

Today Team 3 were rock detectives. They investigated different types of rocks. They used the scratch test and the water test to help them decide whether each rock was permeable or impermeable. They also noted the strongest and weakest rocks, categorised them, and decided which would be the best rock to use to build a… Read More

As part of our look at Humanism, today we had a visit from David. David is a Humanist, and a member of the British Humanist Association. After spending the last few days exploring the beliefs of Humanists, the children had each prepared a question for David.  After listening to David speak, they had the opportunity… Read More