As part of our look at Humanism, today we had a visit from David. David is a Humanist, and a member of the British Humanist Association. After spending the last few days exploring the beliefs of Humanists, the children had each prepared a question for David.  After listening to David speak, they had the opportunity… Read More

Today Team 3 each created a clay model of a trilithon ( a structure consisting of two upright stones and a third across the top).  They had to use lots of their Langford learning muscles to complete the task. Using the clay was a little tricky, and it was frustrating when pieces of clay wouldn’t… Read More

Today Team 3 practised using different techniques when working with clay. They are preparing to use clay to create their own class model of Stonehenge.         … Read More

Team 3 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy a workshop led by Chelsea FC.  We spoke about the importance of Black History Month, and discussed words like ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, and ‘inclusion’.  … Read More