Hello Team 3, I hope you are all having a restful half term. I have enjoyed seeing what some of you have been up to this week!   Menna has been baking a delicious looking banana bread.   Maiwand is trying to grow his own avocado plant, using just the pit.   Neave has been… Read More

Hello Team 3, It’s been a really odd Summer term so far, but we are already half way through.  I have been so impressed by the resilience and determination that you have each shown, and the ways that you continue to learn, develop, and play from home.   Kaireece has been practising his times tables… Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week Hello Team 3, For Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, we would like you to share what kindness means to you. Write a story or a poem, draw a picture or share a picture of something kind you have done for someone else or yourself. This Mental Health Awareness Week, think of… Read More

Dear Team 3, It’s Friday, and that means that it’s time to celebrate more of the brilliant learning that I have seen from you!   Mason has been logging onto TTRS, and has already improved his time by over 1 second per question. Well done, Mason.     Menna wrote, edited and illustrated her text… Read More

Hello Team 3, This week there are two lovely activities for you to focus on, away from your school learning.   Create a National Book Token design Design your own book token, for a chance to win a £10 book token for every child in your class from National Book tokens. This could be anything… Read More

Dear Team 3, I have been so impressed with your focus and learning this week. Sometimes it can be hard when things change, but you have shown so much determination with our new learning system, and I am so excited to celebrate some of you today.   Ava has been practising her grammar, focusing on… Read More

Hi Team 3, I really hope that you are all staying healthy, and managing to find things that make you happy as well.   Calendar This week, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you each with a well-being calendar. Just click here to access it. The  calendar that has lots of fun… Read More

Dear Team 3, This week I have continued to be so impressed by the amazing examples of learning that you are sending me. Keep it up.   Emilia, and brother Theo, have been giving it a go, and planting pea seeds. Emilia’s mum found the free seeds on the Innocent website, and has kindly shared… Read More