Hello Team 3, It’s already Friday again. What a wonderful week of learning you’ve had!   Adam has been doing lots of deliberate practice of equivalent fractions. Menna used all her creativity to make this 3D model of the rain forest, including the different levels, or strata. How many can you spot?   Hamza spent… Read More

Art  It can be hard to feel excited when all the days begin to feel the same. To try to make lock down easier on all of us, artists Grayson Perry, Sarah Lucas and Cornelia Parker and others have come together to create a free activity book to help us all stay inspired. It’s called ‘Art Is Where the Home Is’… Read More

Hello Team 3, Happy Friday. You know by now that Friday is my favourite day of the week, because it is the day I get to share all your fabulous learning!     Hamza has sent time this week reading. He is really enjoying ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire’ right now! Sofia got… Read More

With lock down and distance learning, it’s only natural that children are spending more time on screens. This week, we are focusing on how they can stay safe online. We have shared many resources in the past, and have now put together a folder to teach children more about online safety. You can access that folder here.  Although there are… Read More

Dear Team 3, What a week. I have been so pleased to see that ways that you have continued your learning from home.   Adam has been doing lots of deliberate practice of the times table challenges.     Ava sent me a lovely video to say hi.   Kira asked lots of questions about… Read More

Lockdown life has been tough on us all, but we can still find ways to have fun, stay active and move our bodies. We know that moving helps us manage our thoughts and can enable us to stay focused. With this in mind, get up and get active to KIDZ BOP Dance Along videos. Tune… Read More

Hello Team 3, It’s Friday again and I am so happy to be able to celebrate so many of you today!   Emilia is showing lots of determination and is learning to rollerblade!     Hamza has been enjoying learning about the science of a circuit. He even created his own!     Hana drafted,… Read More

Hello Team 3! As it’s Wednesday, today’s post focuses on ways that you can improve your well-being.     Talk and Draw I would like to encourage each of you to draw a picture and then spent time talking about it with someone in your home. This is a great way to express how you… Read More