Just before we went for our half term break, Team 3 spent much of the week writing reports on Stonehenge. We learnt a lot about Stonehenge last half term. Initially, we studied a text in Reading about its construction phases. Later in the half term we found out more during our Wider Curriculum lessons on… Read More

In Team 3, we have been learning about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron age this year in Wider Curriculum. Recently we have been learning particularly about Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Nobody knows exactly how or why it was constructed, but it was probably used for worship.… Read More

Lots of children in Team 3 have been really challenging themselves to get better at their times tables. They have been practising on TTRS every night! Many now have certificates to celebrate how much progress they’ve made! They have been showing so much focus on their learning, and we are really proud of how well… Read More

Last week in Team 3, we were writing poems based on ‘If I Had Wings’ by Pie Corbett. We released our imagination by thinking about where we would fly to if we had wings. Team 3 were enjoying using advanced poetic devices such as alliteration, ambitious adjectives, similes and personification! Every student planned their poem… Read More