Just before we went for our half term break, Team 3 spent much of the week writing reports on Stonehenge.

We learnt a lot about Stonehenge last half term. Initially, we studied a text in Reading about its construction phases. Later in the half term we found out more during our Wider Curriculum lessons on the Stone Age. Finally, in English we researched even more information using the internet on the school iPads.

This culminated in our Stonehenge reports. Before we were able to publish these reports, we learnt all about what makes good report writing. After examining several models of excellence, we discovered many of the features of good reports, for example they should have titles and sub-headings, and they should be factual. Once everyone in the class knew how to write a report and had researched Stonehenge, we planned, we re-planned, we drafted and we re-drafted until eventually we were ready… During the final two days of the half term, every person in Team 3 published their reports in their best handwriting. It wasn’t an easy process, but we can all look back on it and say that we’ve learnt new skills and that we have a wonderful piece of work that we’re happy to have displayed on the display wall.