After two enjoyable weeks of stretching learning, thorough note-taking and interesting investigation, Team 3 have finally come to the end of our rocks learning journey. At the beginning, most of us did not know how rocks are formed and many didn’t even know what rocks were. Now, however, Team 3 are fledgling geologists, who know… Read More

Team 3 have been learning about rocks in Science for the past week. We have learnt about the three main types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and how they are formed. Each rock is unique. Some rocks are permeable, which means that water and gas can pass through them. Other rocks are impermeable. Some… Read More

Today, Team 3 worked together to create a fantastic shared write for our learning journey based on ‘The Little Match Girl’. Tomorrow, they will each start writing their own version of this fantasy narrative. We can’t wait to see what they write!      … Read More

Last week, Team 3 learned about Remembrance Day.  We spoke about the words ‘service’ and ‘sacrifice’ and then thought about some of the ways that people are giving service and making sacrifices now, during the pandemic.  As a way of remembering all the people who sacrificed so much during the war, the children made poppies… Read More