Last week was children’s mental health week, so on Wednesday we watched a video by Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, about our “big feelings” and how it is important to have strategies when we have them. On Friday, during our art lesson, Team 3 made posters about those strategies. We wrote down some of… Read More

After two enjoyable weeks of stretching learning, thorough note-taking and interesting investigation, Team 3 have finally come to the end of our rocks learning journey. At the beginning, most of us did not know how rocks are formed and many didn’t even know what rocks were. Now, however, Team 3 are fledgling geologists, who know… Read More

Team 3 have been learning about rocks in Science for the past week. We have learnt about the three main types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and how they are formed. Each rock is unique. Some rocks are permeable, which means that water and gas can pass through them. Other rocks are impermeable. Some… Read More

Just before we went for our half term break, Team 3 spent much of the week writing reports on Stonehenge. We learnt a lot about Stonehenge last half term. Initially, we studied a text in Reading about its construction phases. Later in the half term we found out more during our Wider Curriculum lessons on… Read More

In Team 3, we have been learning about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron age this year in Wider Curriculum. Recently we have been learning particularly about Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Nobody knows exactly how or why it was constructed, but it was probably used for worship.… Read More