Today, Team 3 worked together to create a fantastic shared write for our learning journey based on ‘The Little Match Girl’. Tomorrow, they will each start writing their own version of this fantasy narrative. We can’t wait to see what they write!      … Read More

Last week, Team 3 learned about Remembrance Day.  We spoke about the words ‘service’ and ‘sacrifice’ and then thought about some of the ways that people are giving service and making sacrifices now, during the pandemic.  As a way of remembering all the people who sacrificed so much during the war, the children made poppies… Read More

Lots of children in Team 3 have been really challenging themselves to get better at their times tables. They have been practising on TTRS every night! Many now have certificates to celebrate how much progress they’ve made! They have been showing so much focus on their learning, and we are really proud of how well… Read More

Last week in Team 3, we were writing poems based on ‘If I Had Wings’ by Pie Corbett. We released our imagination by thinking about where we would fly to if we had wings. Team 3 were enjoying using advanced poetic devices such as alliteration, ambitious adjectives, similes and personification! Every student planned their poem… Read More

Welcome back to school, Team 3! It is so wonderful to have you all together in the classroom. Team 3 have had a fantastic start to the year! After discussing What Makes Good Learning at Langford, we started our poetry unit and have begun reading The Iron Man. I have been really impressed with all… Read More

Dear Team 3, It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year. It didn’t go quite how we had imagined, but I have been so impressed with your resilience and hard work during this time, and I have loved being your teacher. You have six weeks off to enjoy yourselves, relax and have fun. … Read More

Hello Team 3, Can you believe there is only one more week until the end of the school year? There isn’t much time left in Team 3, but that definitely hasn’t meant any slowing down of learning!   Menna used lots of vivid descriptive language in her story about a tiny family. Ava wrote a… Read More

  Hi Team 3, This week, I am encouraging you to listen to some classical music. Alex Caldon (on trumpet) and Alexandra Caldon (on violin) will deliver an exclusive set from their home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. This stream is intended to give children a fun introduction to these two orchestral instruments… Read More

Hi Team 3, It has been yet another fantastic week for so many of you. I can see that Team 3 have all stayed really focused on their learning. Lots of you have told me how much you have enjoyed our most recent English unit on ‘The Borrowers’ and ‘Billy and the Minipins’. These were… Read More

Hi Team 3,   This week’s mindfulness activity is creating your own gratitude paper chain! Gratitude is a very simple and effective mindful activity. It directs children to focus on what they are thankful for. By making a paper chain of gratitude, you will have the opportunity to either be creative together as a family… Read More