Team 4 were given a challenge this afternoon to make the tallest and strongest tower using only 10 marshmallows and 25 pieces of spaghetti. The class were investigating which shaped base would provide the strongest and most secure structure as research for their engineering projects. It proved to be an informative yet very messy… Read More

Team 4 spent the morning trying to unjumble lots of different limericks and discuss in which order they think the lines should go in order to have the greatest effect on the reader. It was great to hear lots of interesting debates happening and the children using all the points of what makes good limericks… Read More

Yesterday during Science, some of the children took it in turns to  act out how particles behave in different states of matter.  It made it clear to see how each type of particles are organised in both solid, liquids and gases.… Read More

Team 4 had a great day today at Pineapple Park as a treat for all their excellent behaviour and great effort with their learning last half term. Despite the cold weather, we had a great morning and afterwards got nice and warm again in front of a movie when we turned the classroom into our… Read More