Team 4 are thoroughly enjoying their weekly music sessions. They have had the opportunity to sing, rap and have a hands on experience playing various musical instruments. Team 4 can now read and understand the principles of basic music notation and play simple parts on recorder, guitar and percussion. On Tuesday, they put all of… Read More

Team 4 read the picture book, ‘The Hueys – It Wasn’t Me’ by Oliver Jeffreys.  In this story, a group of Hueys are arguing. Although when Gillespie asks why, none of them can remember. Team 4 used the book as a stimulus to  discuss emotions and arguments. They worked with their learning partner to generate… Read More

Over the last few weeks, Team 4 have worked together to plan and prepare a controlled experiment in Science. They needed to investigate how a material behaves when they are frozen in oil, water and vinegar. They decided on a hypothesis (prediction), and chose how to conduct the experiment using sponge as the dependent variable (what… Read More

We completed an experiment in Science, investigating how ice can change from a solid, to a liquid and back to a solid, using just salt and water! Afterwards, we discussed how salt melts ice and why people spread salt on their icy stairs and roads during the winter. Why Does the Ice Stick to the String? When salt… Read More

As an exciting start to our new topic, Team 4 visited the Museum of London and made a new friend… “Today we saw a real Viking! We discovered that Vikings raided towns and made Anglo-Saxons pay them money to leave.” –  Jayden, Team 4 “We went to visit a man so he could tell us all… Read More

Team 4 had a thought provoking visit from Jake, a representative from the local authority Prevent team.  He discussed the importance of valuing differences. The children learned new terminology and reflected on their own identity and what makes them unique.   “Today I learnt more about the word equality and how everyone should be equal” –… Read More