Team 4 put lots of effort into re-drafting and publishing their poems this week. In Computing, we experimented with the green screen app DoInk to record our finished recipes poems, just like Jamie Oliver!… Read More

Team 4 love visiting the library! Lots of children have wanted to read more of the extracts shared during our whole class reading sessions. The Killer Cat series & Flour Babies by Anne Fine have been very popular in Team 4!… Read More

This term, Team 4 will be learning more about electricity in Science.  Yesterday, they started to investigate different electrical materials and components required for a bulb to light. “I found that you need to make a closed circuit to make the bulb light up.” – Alejandra S, Team 4 “I found out that when you put more… Read More

To start our new topic off, Team 4 were invited to bring in a toy from home to share with the rest of the class. We discussed how they work/what we like about them… there were lots of different features and ways they move! Soon, we will be designing a toy of our own!… Read More

To start our new poetry unit, Team 4 explored different recipes and even tried one out! They considered how the writer’s choice of language can impact the reader and after following a delicious coconut truffle recipe, discussed the vocabulary used. Models of good recipe language have been recorded in their magpie books for the next part of… Read More