Today Team 4 were lucky to have a visit from London Children’s Ballet.                           ” I enjoyed the dancing because it made me not want to stop! It inspired me to be ballet dancer when I’m older.” – Jaynie, Team 4 “I loved… Read More

After learning about the different types of teeth in humans and their functions, Team 4 made paper models of the mouth. They had to investigate the size and position of the incisors, canines, premolars and molars, it took lots of perseverance and focus!  … Read More

As part of Thomas’s annual community day, Team 4 were invited to a  book fair in school. They found lots of interesting reads, including books by their favourite authors and books linked to previous Topics. Everyone chose their favourites to take home, thank you Thomas’s for organising!  … Read More

As an introduction to our new topic, ‘Where did London come from?’ Team 4 visited the City of London Roman Amphitheatre and Museum of London. They had the opportunity to handle original and replica artefacts and learn about the influence of the Romans upon London.    … Read More