Team 4 have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. They have spent time researching how it is celebrated and discussed why it is a special time for Jews. After learning about What Makes a Good sukkah, Team 4 planned and designed their own. Today, they brought in natural resources for the roof and… Read More

As part of our English learning journey, Team 4 collaboratively wrote a kenning poem based on a character from Beowulf. They used their knowledge of What Makes Good kenning poems and operated as a team to produce this piece of writing:           A Kenning Poem Blood-taker, Happiness-hater, Body-snatcher, Midnight-murderer,   Sea-dweller,… Read More

On Friday, Team 4 held their Student Council elections. Those who wanted to nominate themselves, gave a short presentation about why they should be chosen to represent Team 4.  A massive well done to all of the children who demonstrated the learning muscle, ‘Give it a go’.  Everyone remembered to use a projected voice and… Read More

Team 4 started off this week thinking back to their knowledge of the Latin language and Roman numerals. They are becoming quite skilled with recalling the value of each letter and have been applying it to problem solving and reasoning challenges in Maths. This is fantastic to see and we’ll keep practising using Roman numerals… Read More

We have had a great week back after the holidays! Team 4 made a fantastic start to their Learning at Langford booklets, discussing the importance of Langford in Harmony, Growth Mindset and Learning Partners. Well done Team 4 for such a positive start to the school year!… Read More