To begin our new design and technology topic, Team 4 visited the Royal Albert Hall to watch the fantastic Cirque du Soleil perform!

They all absolutely loved the experience, with some saying it was the best school trip they had ever been on!

“My favourite part was when the guy got 1 hula hoop all the way up to 8 and it just magically appeared when he was spinning. I was impressed with how he managed so many hula hoops and how flexible they all are.” – Kamaris, Team 4

“I was impressed with how the stage moved into different parts and how the aerial straps were lifted up. The stage changes and moves a lot during the show.” – Yagana, Team 4

“My favourite part was the Science bit because it was cool when they were hitting the different potions to create different sounds.” – Dylan, Team 4

During this term, Team 4 will be working with engineers from Rolls Royce to create models of the stage, learning more about different mechanisms and how they work.