Team 4 were the first class to get to test out Langford’s exciting new climbing frame during break and lunch today! “The new climbing frame is so fun, especially the log because when we play the game on it, it is a race first to the middle.”  – Albie, Team 4 “It is the best… Read More

  Over the last few weeks, Team 4 have been extremely busy preparing for their Sharing Assembly. All their hard work paid off on Tuesday as they wowed Langford Primary with their very own Sound Circus! Using inspiration from our current topic on Cirque du Soleil, Team 4 combined their knowledge of Science and Sound… Read More

In PE, Team 4 have become great gymnasts! They have been using the apparatus to practice balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance.… Read More

Team 4 have been learning more about what engineering means. They discussed the importance of a design brief, and worked in groups to try an engineering challenge themselves! After looking at different bridge designs and learning about how triangulation helps to strengthen structures, teams designed and constructed a bridge using just paper and sellotape!  … Read More