Langford’s sports day was a great success! The whole school got together to try a range of activities in the park and we managed to miss (most of) the rain! Team 4 demonstrated¬† just how well they can operate as a team – cheering and encouraging each other during races.… Read More

Today we started learning about different types of angles and were introduced to new Maths vocabulary. Lots of Team 4 were quick to pull out their knowledge organisers¬† to help with their learning!… Read More

This afternoon, Team 4 had a dance workshop, themed around the London Children’s Ballet they will soon be seeing. Led by dance teachers and a professional pianist, Team 4 were taught some of the basics to ballet and had a chance to try out steps and costumes for themselves!¬†            … Read More

Team 4 have enjoyed learning about the Qur’an this week. They have identified key aspects of Islam as well as learning more about the Muslim holy book. Look at some of the comic strips they created to show how the Qur’an is used:  … Read More