Today, we went to a Hindu Mandir in North London. It was callled the Swaminarayan Mandir. It was HUGE! The Mandir will be celebrating it’s 25th birthday this August. This temple was decidicated to the late Guru Swaminarayan. A  Mandir is a Hindu temple where they worship. We find out lots of information about the… Read More

In science, we have been learning about sounds. We now know what sounds are and how sounds are made, you can’t hear sounds without air! Yesterday, we learnt how you can make low and high pitches using different instruments.… Read More

Team 4 went to Tate Britain today to see their photograph in the Steve McQueen Year 3 project. There were over 2,000 photos of year 3 children from all over.  We got to complete different challenges and see all the other photographs. Whilst we were there, we also explored the different pieces of artwork from… Read More