Hi Team 4!  I hope you have all had a lovely week and been enjoying this amazing weather (and remembered your sun cream!).  I am so excited to share all your learning this week!  It has been so nice to have some of Team 4 back in this week. They have been so excited to be back in school.… Read More

Feeling arty today? Since April, many famous artists have come together to create free activity books to help us all stay inspired. It’s called ‘Art Is Where the Home Is’ and the idea is that: Every project can fit on a single A4 sheet of paper You won’t need any specialist materials, anyone can have a go… Read More

Hi Team 4! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week.  It’s been great seeing all the learning and cool things you’ve been getting up to this week.   I’ve seen lots of deliberate practice with adding and subtracting fractions as well as finding fractions of quantities from Isra, Maira and Connie.   Many of… Read More

Hello Team 4! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant start to your week so far.   Reviewing Online Safety With lockdown and at home learning, it’s only natural that you may be spending more time on your screens. This week, we are focusing on how to stay safe online. In this folder, you’ll find… Read More

Happy Friday Team 4! I hope you’ve all had a great week. From what I can see many of you have been getting obsessed with your learning as well as creative.   It’s been great to see so many of you learning facts about Greece. Deliberately practising your maths skills. Recreating your own versions of… Read More

Hi Team 4!   I know ‘lockdown life’ has been tough on us all I’ve especially missed being with you all in school. But we can still find ways to have fun, stay active and move our bodies. We know that moving helps us manage our thoughts and can enable us to stay focused. With… Read More

Happy Friday Team 4! It’s been a great first week back after the half-term break with so much focus and updates from so many of you. Samaan’s been practising her artistics skills. Maddie has become Team 4’s top baker with more sweet treats to share, pink pancakes! Many of you have been completing more kindness… Read More

Hi Team 4! It’s Wednesday again and time to focus on ways to make sure you are feeling comfortable, happy and healthy.   Talk and Draw I would like to encourage you all to draw a picture and spend time talking to someone about what you have drawn. This is a great way to express… Read More