Hi Team 4!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week.  It’s been great seeing all the learning and cool things you’ve been getting up to this week.


I’ve seen lots of deliberate practice with adding and subtracting fractions as well as finding fractions of quantities from Isra, Maira and Connie.


Many of you have been improving your publishing skills and getting into the writing on the Traction Man this week like Zayneb, Leo, Connie and Kairon.




There’s been lots of spelling practice going on fro Maira and Keiran.


Many of you have been learning about switches, circuits, Ancient Greece and earthquakes in wider curriculum like Isra.


Connie, Maddie and Leo have been tackling their own projects finding out about giraffes, making lava lamps and making houses with working circuts and soldering metal!




This week, shoutout to…

  • Zayneb for reaching Rock Legend status on TimesTablesRockstars

  • Albiona and Isra for reading over 4,000 words in their own time from the Readworks Library


Click here to see next week’s home learning and don’t forget to send pictures and updates to share in next week’s blog!

I hope you all have an amazing end of term and great summer.

All the best in Team 5!

Mrs Tijani