Hi Team 4! 

I hope you have all had a lovely week and been enjoying this amazing weather (and remembered your sun cream!).  I am so excited to share all your learning this week! 

It has been so nice to have some of Team 4 back in this week. They have been so excited to be back in school.








Simone, Isra and Noha has been very busy doing deliberate practice of fractions and decimals.

Simones deliberate practice

Noah’s deliberate practice of tenths and hundrenths!


Isra’s practicing decimals

Ava and Zayneb have resisted learning  on the Amazon Rainforest. Ava has been practicing using the past tense and expanding amazing sentences with conjunctions. Zayneb has been making excellent notes on each layer in the rainforest.

Ava’s English

Zayneb’s English










Leo and Maira have really enjoyed learning about the Greek Gods, and have even made brilliant art projects. Leo has particularly enjoyed learning about Poseidon because he likes tridents. I would love to know who everyone else’s favourite Gods are too!  

A big shout out to Maddie who goes on Times Table Rockstars every day and has got over 8,000 answers right!  She has also made this incredible arts and crafts trolley!

 This week, no one has managed to get a new certificate on TTRS. Can you challenge yourself to get one by next Friday? 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week!