Hi Team 4,


There is only one week left until the end of the school year! Even though there isn’t much time left in Team 4, you are all still amazing me with the amount of learning being done!


In Maths this week Team 4 have started a new topic. Ordering, rounding, estimating, adding and finding the difference in money. You have even been using your knowledge from the previous topic of decimals. I have been so impressed by the learning and use of so many skills!





In English this week Team 4 have been learning about Shakespeare and the famous poem Song of the Witches in Macbeth.



In the Wider Curriculum Team 4 have revisited States of Matter.


Team 4 have also learnt about the Greek myth: the story of Narcissus and Echo. Here are two fantastic recounts of the story.













Team 4 have also made such thoughtful Thank You Posters for all the key workers and NHS!




A special shout out to Albiona who has been very creative this week drawing beautiful flowers.  Albiona has also received a certificate for coding!










Shout out to Lacey for becoming a Garage Rocker on TTRS! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep up all the amazing learning!