You have made it to the end of Team 4 and what a roller coaster it has been. You should all be so proud of everything you have achieved this year in school and at home! You have six weeks off to enjoy yourselves, relax and have fun.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Below are some of your favourite memories from Team 4 and what you are looking forwards to about next year!

Ava –  ” I have  enjoyed having Mrs Tijani and Ms Williams as my teachers for another year and spending time with my friends. I also really enjoyed the trip to the Royal Albert Hall. I am  really looking forward to working with Mrs Black next year, seeing my friends again and learning new things.”

Connie – “I am really looking forward to seeing my friends again!”

Maddie – “I enjoyed learning about engineering and creating art  projects in year 4. I am looking forward to learning new things in year 5.”








Alex – ” In Team 4 I most enjoyed the engineering and science tests plus maths. I am most looking forward to in Team5 is more science and maths.”










Zayneb – ” I look forward to joining my friends in Team 5 and I want to say thank you to my teachers for helping me at this time.I hope everyone will be in good health.”










Simone – “I can’t wait to go into Team 5 and see my friends!”

Maira –  “I enjoyed everything in Team 4. I loved my teacher Mrs Tijani as she helped me so much with the work I needed help with and was very nice I’ll miss her so much and Miss Megan has helped me so much with my learning which I’m thankful too. I have loved giving it ago at all my learning in Team 4 I loved everything I’ve learnt so far in my class. I have struggled but I still am getting through it.”










Kayla – “The best thing I enjoyed in Team 4 is being with my friends and getting help from Ms Williams and Ms Are with my school work if I was stuck. My favourite subjects I enjoyed in Team 4 were English and Maths, during lockdown my favourite home learning to do was Timestables Rockstars and doing arts and crafts. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends in September”

Zayed – “I have loved completing the Platinum and Diamond challenges in Team 4, PE and playing outside with my friends. In Team 5 I am really looking forward to swimming lessons!”

Samaan – ” I can’t wait to see my friends again”

Anthony – ” My three favourite memories from team 4 is P.E, Maths and playing with my friends at break time. I am really excited to go into team 5 with all of my classmates!

Kairon – ” In team 4 I have enjoyed lots of things especially when I scored 11 goals for the school and the football tournament!! I am most looking forward to in team 5 is seeing all my friends again, playing football at lunch time and doing some science!”

Melanie – “I cannot wait to see my friends again!”

Albiona – ” I am really excited to meet Mrs Black and am excited to show her how hard working I am and make her proud”

Leo – ” I am so happy to be moving on to Team 5 and I am looking forward to having a new teacher. I am proud of what he has achieved with you and Mrs Tijani and enjoyed science and DT the most. We are sharing a photo of he’s favourite home schooling topic, investigating electricity.”

Wayland is so excited to go to the Imperial War Museum next year.

Isra is ready for a new challenge.

Noha cannot wait to have Mrs Black as his teacher

Meera and Lacey are so excited to see all their friends!

Lizzie – ” I have loved Team 4 and having Mrs Tijani as my teacher again and I am so excited to have Mrs Black as my new teacher and see my friends”


Thank you for another great year. Have an amazing summer holiday and see you all in Team 5!