Team 5 have enjoyed learning about World War II. They have learned about the causes of the war; the Blitz; the safety measures Britain; evacuation; rationing and propaganda. The children also spent the afternoon reliving Langford’s experiences during World War II. They learned all about how Langford was bombed during World War II and how… Read More

Welcome back to Langford Team 5. You have already had an excellent start to the year and I am looking forward to getting to know you all. We have started our Personification Poems on the Blitz and can already see so many using their learning muscles. I can’t wait to read them when they are… Read More

It has been a different year to most but Team 5 have really grown and worked their learning muscles throughout the whole year. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves and what you have achieved. Have a great Summer and see you in September!    … Read More

It`s hard to believe there is only one week left before Summer break but Team 5 are still keeping focused and working hard     Impressive learning in our Maths this week where we were multiplying and dividing decimals     Revisting contractions and using technical vocabulary when writing formal letters   We have been… Read More

Music for the Mind This week, we are encouraging you to listen to some classical music. Alex Caldon (on trumpet) and Alexandra Caldon (on violin) will deliver an exclusive set from their home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. This stream is intended to give children a fun introduction to these two orchestral… Read More

More Children More learning! This week we welcomed back more of Team 5     They have been demonstrating excellent learning skills in Maths working with decimals this week       Brilliant descriptive writing this week       Continuing with the importance of gratitude; Team 5 wrote letters of appreciation to  someone they… Read More

Gratitude paper chains Gratitude is a very simple and effective mindful activity. It directs children to focus on what they are thankful for. You can decorate each link with paints or colourful pens, writing the things you are grateful for. As a family, you could even add a new link each day and then watch… Read More

Learning in and outside the classroom This week we had some students back in the class and they wasted no time flexing their learning muscles             Learning the key features to write a factual text     Team 5 went through different texts with highlighters to identify different features, such… Read More

For a  fun activity to make lockdown easier on all of us, artists Grayson Perry, Sarah Lucas, Cornelia Parker and others have come together to create a free activity books to help us all stay inspired. It’s called ‘Art Is Where the Home Is’ and the idea is that every project can fit on a… Read More

A terrific week of learning from Team 5     We have been doing more work with fractions Ibrahim              Jordan                                                       Elaf   In… Read More