Learning in and outside the classroom This week we had some students back in the class and they wasted no time flexing their learning muscles             Learning the key features to write a factual text     Team 5 went through different texts with highlighters to identify different features, such… Read More

For a  fun activity to make lockdown easier on all of us, artists Grayson Perry, Sarah Lucas, Cornelia Parker and others have come together to create a free activity books to help us all stay inspired. It’s called ‘Art Is Where the Home Is’ and the idea is that every project can fit on a… Read More

A terrific week of learning from Team 5     We have been doing more work with fractions Ibrahim              Jordan                                                       Elaf   In… Read More

With lockdown and distance learning, it’s only natural that children are spending more time on screens. This week, we are focusing on how they can stay safe online. Although there are many videos about online safety, now there’s a chance to help create one of your own! The Childnet Film Competition has now been running… Read More

What a week! Team 5 have been out to impress this week not only by using their learning muscles but also engaging in world topics and showing great understanding for positive change     Albinot has also been super busy practising his spellings, learning about the British Empire, getting creative and  enjoying the beautiful outside… Read More

I like to move it move it!   We all know dancing is fun but it is also really great for your mental well-being. Being physically active boosts your mood (releasing chemicals in the brain called endorphins) and makes you happier. This weeks activity comes from Kidz Bop and is lots of fun; so lets… Read More

  This week Team 5 pupils have been impressing us with their maths skills from the daily sway and Hegarty Maths.   Some of our Maths Super Stars  include Ibrahim, Bahman, Ziayd and Elaf ⭐ Bahman  displaying some very neat Maths work & Elaf is our Hegarty Mathematician once again!  Well done to  Clauvia who has been working hard and staying focused  all week👊 Portal… Read More

As we know, discussing your emotions is very important to your well-being and mental health… so get talking!   We would like you to draw a picture for different emotions and spend time talking to someone about what you have drawn. If you want, you can also share with the rest of the class on Teams.… Read More