Team 6 have been really busy making props for the end of year production.I will leave the end result as a surprise but I c an tell you they are looking fantastic.… Read More

Team 6 have enjoyed taking part in various Maths investigations this week. They can now apply what they have learned over the whole year to solve more complex problems. The investigations have been on the four operations, factors and shape.  … Read More

Team 6 visited Langford’s local church where they learnt about Christian beliefs and practices. They took part in a workshop and ended the session doing various arts and crafts activities.                           … Read More

Team started their new science topic ‘Electrical Circuits’. They explored what would happen if more batteries, bulbs and motors were added to their circuit.… Read More

Team 6 took part in a citizenship and safety workshop to prepare them for secondary school. The children learned about different types of transport; how to be a good citizen; and how to overcome any problems they may face with the public. The children benefited from this interactive workshop and left having a greater understanding… Read More