As part of their Design and Technology learning, Team 6 went to Pizza Express to make a pizza. They evaluated their pizzas and all thought about how they would refine their recipe next time. The children then worked out the different quantities and amounts needed if they were to cook for more people. Let’s see… Read More

Team 6 painted their sketches of Darwin’s theory of evolution. They mixed colours and spent a lot of time focusing on the different details and tones of colour. They were very proud of what they achieved. ¬†… Read More

Team 6 learned how to sketch different people and animals. They sketched different parts of Darwin’s evolution theory (the transition of ape to man) by¬†focusing on the different shapes that make up each figure. They had to release their imagination and learn from their mistakes with each attempt. All children were proud of their final… Read More

Team 6 have been learning about electric circuits. They learned about what the different symbols mean and then used this information to design their own. They made circuits where they changed the brightness of a bulb and made things move.  … Read More