This week Team 6 have startedĀ  writing their first draft of their persuasive leaflet. They are trying to convince someone to visit the most visited in the world Paris. They researched information about famous Parisian landmarks which has come in great help when writing their leaflet. They will publish their leaflet on the computer to… Read More

This week, Team 6 mixed up with the whole school to celebrate Learning Muscle Day. All of the adults commented how wonderful Team 6 were at helping the younger children with the activities. We are really proud of them for being such good role models.… Read More

Team 6 really enjoyed learning with children from the other year groups this week in our ‘Learning Muscle Day’. They took part in different activities based on Langford’s Learning Mucscles. They wrote a reflection afterwards about what learning muscles they will use this half term and set themselves targets.… Read More

Team 6 were particularly excited about receiving a talk from the police about career prospects as some children had expressed interest inĀ  wanting to be a police officer when they grow up. The children used their ‘ask questions’ learning muscle to find out more about life in the police. They were fascinated with what they… Read More

Team 6 couldn’t believe it when a journalist from the Guardian and an opera singer popped in for a chat about their career. Team 6 were eager to learn about their jobs. They asked many questions about what they the professionals had to do to achieve and reach their goals. Another inspiring visit!… Read More

Team 6 felt very inspired after the first day of Careers Week. They met a nurse, a musician, an entrepreneur and a civil servant. They asked some brilliant questions and really started to think about what skills they would need to do certain jobs.… Read More