To prepare the children for secondary school, Team 6 visited the Linford Christie Stadium to learn how to be safe when travelling to and from school. They put the children in real life scenarios to help them understand how to be safe on the streets. The children really enjoyed the interactive workshops.  … Read More

The NSPCC team visited Langford this week to discuss how we can be safe. Team 6 then took part in a workshop. They looked at different scenarios and spoke about children’s rights and what children can do if ever in a vulnerable situation.  … Read More

This year, we are doing a production of ‘Oliver!’ as our end of year show. This is the full soundtrack of the 1968 film with the score by Lionel Bart. Auditions are on Monday and these are the songs and scenes that need to be learnt for each character: Character  Audition Song  Audition Scene … Read More